There are any number of reasons that you might choose to do business with us.

First and foremost, we consider Extreme Animated Christmas Light Shows to be the single most impactful, attention grabbing marketing solution available during the holiday season.

People WILL visit your business to see an animated Christmas light show! The media and your potential customers will pay much more attention, stay longer and spend more with you during the holiday season.

A synchronized light show is a marketing slam dunk for any high volume consumer driven business during the holidays

Whatever You Need, Whenever You Need It

Our years of experience and commitment to the lighting arts make us one of the premiere consulting, design, installation and program maintenance organizations in the United States. As such, we’re available to assist in any capacity you might need – from design consultation to installation logistics, synchronized light show programming or end-to-end event production, Extreme Lightscapes is your one stop shop for creating the most magical holiday environment you can imagine.

Expert Christmas Light Show Consulting and Design

We have the experience to help you drive revenue results during the most important time of the year for high volume consumer driven businesses. We’ll work with you to not only design your light show or display, but on how to best market your unique holiday extravaganza once it’s up and running. It takes a lot of time and hard to work to design a unique and exciting holiday display and we typically spend several months working with you to create your unique visitor experience prior to beginning installation.

Custom Installation

When you choose Extreme LightScapes to manage your holiday decorating program, you are choosing a team that works hard to create a one-of-a-kind display that will be remembered. We’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest lighting and animation technology so you don’t have to be!

Custom Design

Creating an animated light display requires much more time than most people realize. Every element of the timing and synchronization with the music, special effects, etc., is meticulously accounted for and programmed well before any build out or installation begins. Development of synchronized light shows begins as early as late Spring or earlier for installation in October/November. Every element of your display will be custom fit so that there are no loose or extra light strings, wires cords, electrical boxes or other unsightly artifacts.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our work will exceed your expectations. We offer a variety of expanded maintenance programs to help make sure your display is operating at top notch throughout the entire season.


We pride ourselves on the organization, timeliness, accuracy and courtesy of our people. We will always treat your property as our own.

Service and Support

We are available whenever you need us. Comments, questions, concerns, technical problems, bulb outages – just give us a call and we’ll have the problem on its way to being solved.

Product Quality

We use only professional grade lighting and electrical products so you can rest assured that your holiday decorations will provide maximum value.

Insurance and Licensing

Extreme Lightscapes is fully insured for your protection. You should never work with a contractor who is not insured.


We take worksite safety very seriously. Some of the displays we install require hundreds of amps of dedicated electrical power. That’s serious business. We review every installation to verify safety specifications before ever turning on a bulb.[/ut_one_half]