The ROI of Marketing with Christmas Light Shows

Extreme Lightscapes founder and president, Darren Vader, discusses the benefits of holiday marketing with extreme synchronized lighting events and about the services we offer and how your investment with us not only has a positive return on investment, but also a positive return on the spirit.

There is nothing better than being able to help you achieve additional revenue while making your customers and the community at large – smile a little more a long the way.

Synchronized Christmas light shoes are a concept that digs really deep into family traditions and truly brings joy to the hearts of your guests, visitors and customers and adds massive value to their family traditions from year to year.

Animated light shows are valuable for any venue that could benefit from increased traffic and visibility during the holidays. This is simply the most over-the-top, attention getting form of holiday marketing available to you today.

It’s a crowded marketplace and we want to help you stand out during the holidays.

We can help by creating a unique holiday experience that holds marketing value for your company as well as entertainment value for your customers – They will visit, they will stay longer, spend more, tell their friends and come back more often.

We can help make any holiday marketing plan a much greater success than it otherwise might have been.

We love what we do. It shows in our work, it shows in our people – our vendors, contractors and partners –most of all – it shows it the work we do for you.

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