Shining a Light on New Orleans East

Household of Faith Church engaged Extreme Lightscapes to design a massive animated light display at their New Orleans East campus. The synchronized light show is made up of more than 100,000 holiday lights pulsating in sync with a playlist of holiday songs. The display is longer than a football field at 317 feet long and over 30 feet high with lights dancing just inches apart along the entire front façade of the east campus building – a former service merchandise store. The lights dance to the music being broadcast over an FM transmitter at 96.3fm on the dial.

“Household of Faith is known for sharing the word of Christ through spectacular visuals during significant Christian holidays throughout the year. This spectacular synchronized light show is an extension of our outreach to the community, “ said Household of Faith Pastor Antoine Barriere. “We wanted to build a display that would inspire the community in a way that has not been seen before. To inspire hope and faith in our brothers and sisters and to reach out to those in need to let them know the love of God.”

“Decorating for the holidays has always been important to our ministry. We wanted to grow this tradition while adding new and interesting elements. This will be our first year using computerization of lights,” Pastor Barriere said.

According to Deacon Michael Thompson, Household of Faith has been hard at work on their light show since mid summer when they first contacted Dallas-based Extreme Lightscapes about helping them bring their vision to life. “We were looking for a partner who has as much passion for the Christian Christmas holiday as we do; Darren and his team at Extreme Lightscapes are one of the few companies in the country that specialize in designing and installing synchronized displays particularly for ministry organizations and they do it with a very high level of passion and experience – They have been a great partner.” Deacon Thompson said.

About Household of Faith Church
In August of 1995, Pastor Antoine M. Barriere accepted the call of God to serve a community plagued with violence, drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, and substandard housing. Pastor and First Lady Barriere’s love for mankind and concern of the needs of God’s people inspired them to adopt the motto “the house that reaches out to your home with love”.

Dedication services commenced with a three-night tent revival in October of 1995. During the dedication services, 327 souls committed their lives to Christ. One week after opening, Household of Faith added a second Sunday morning worship service and several community outreach ministries. It had just begun!

Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, HOF purchased a 1,200 seat tent and it was at that moment that we became “1 church and a tent location”. For almost one year consistently, Household of Faith held worship service, bible study, and community outreaches from its tent location. Our tent was located in the heart of one of the community’s most impoverished housing developments—the St. Thomas Housing Project. From one location, to a tent location, and now 3 locations ministering to more than 4,000 people weekly, HOF truly reaches out to all families with love. “We are Building Believers Who Worship Christ Strong in Faith Family and Finances all to fulfill the Word of God! Visit to learn more.

About Extreme Lightscapes
Synchronized Christmas Light Shows & Extreme Holiday Decor – Extreme Lightscapes provides Animated Christmas Lights, Commercial Christmas Decorating and Christmas Light Installation for any venue with the desire to go the extra mile. We specialize in designing marketing driven Christmas light events and displays for churches and ministry groups, shopping centers and retailers, municipalities, commercial venues and select residences. Synchronized Christmas lights can create an eye catching spectacle in any environment that needs to make a statement and increase traffic.
Visit for more information.

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