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Pie Town Productions EPIC Christmas on The Weather Channel

Weather Channel EPIC Christmas

From the producers of such well known television shows as House Hunters, Design on a Dime and Designers Challenge comes an EPIC Christmas designed to reward a few lucky heroes who fought the weather and won.

2011 was a record year for extreme weather. From tornadoes to wild fires to floods, the damage and destruction across the country has destroyed lives and cost billions. But through the devastation and tragedy, heroes emerged. And for Christmas 2011 Pie Town Productions, Extreme Lightscapes and the Weather Channel are thanking these heroes with an Epic Christmas they’ll never forget!

This holiday season The Weather Channel goes to the extreme, bringing Christmas to hometown heroes who battled the weather and came to the rescue of their communities. The Epic Christmas crew creates an extraordinary white Christmas with blown snow, thousands of lights and themed, animated, musical decorations at each hero’s home.

Hosted by Steve Watson, whose hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee was among those devastated by weather iin 2011, Epic Christmas will pay back our weather heroes with a guaranteed white Christmas, created not by Mother Nature but by our own Epic Christmas Crew! We’re talking tons of fake snow, miles of of holiday light strands and outrageous original Christmas themed builds.

Extreme Lightscapes provided light controller hardware and programming for this 3 episode series that aired in November and December of 2011.

Click here to visit The Weather Channel and check out videos and interviews of the EPIC Christmas reveals

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