Lighting Up The Domain for Simon Malls in Austin, Texas

Extreme Lightscapes was pleased to have been selected to provide light control, synchronization, hardware and programming services for the 2014 Christmas light show at The Domain, by Simon Malls in Austin, Texas. We were selected as part of a team including other industry leaders in related fields of installation, LED lighting and audio systems.

The light show spans the entire length of the pedestrian walkway of The Domain II from Dick’s sporting goods all the way down to the Macy’s entrance. It is comprised of just 1 color of LED lighting – warm white – and about 2,000 xenon bulb c9 strobe lights.

“In the grand scheme of things, it is a fairly simple light show relative to today’s standards,” said Extreme Lightscapes President Darren Vader, “but it also shows off just how awesome a light show can be when we focus on the idea that less is more – and sometimes it really pays off.”

The display is a delight to light show fans of all ages both for its whimsical programmed effects and it’s elegant simplicity of design.