Lighting Up the ‘Big Easy’ at New Orleans Convention Center

The first annual Christmas in the District event was held in the heard of New Orleans business district for the 2013 Christmas season. The event was brought to life by the leadership team at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center – which is the heart of New Orleans central business district.

Extreme Lightscapes was called in to design a large scale display that would cover several city blocks leading from the front of the convention center, through downtown and to the entrance of Harrah’s Casino several large city blocks away.

The result was a stunning display made up of dozens of custom designed large scale wireframe pieces lining the neutral ground and culminating at the convention center entrance with one of the grandest animated Christmas light shows in the country – including what we believe to be the tallest RGB pixel ever built!

The video clips that we captured of this event are shaky, interested and even have some fantastic lightning effects thanks to Mother Nature who did not want to cooperate with our filming days. But even with the poor conditions for filming, we think the grandeur of this display comes through.

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