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Interview With Our Founder & Head Elf: Challenges and Trends Facing the Holiday Lighting Installation Industry – from Limbic Media

Holiday Lighting Industry Trends and Challenges


Planning holiday lighting installations might be off the average homeowner’s radar for several more months—but for those in the commercial holiday lighting industry, projects are already in the planning phase. We talked to Darren Vader of Lumyn Immersive Media about the challenges and trends facing the holiday lighting and installation industry. Darren is the founder of The Christmas Light Emporium and Extreme Lightscapes, and has years of experience in the holiday installation industry.

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Jolt Lighting and Lumyn Immersive Media Partner to Bring High Tech Artistry to Night Clubs, Events, Art Installations and Holiday Décor

Dallas, Texas / Grandview, Missouri – Jolt Lighting and Lumyn Immersive Media (Lumyn) announced a strategic partnership today that will introduce new ways of using technology to create an artistic presence like never before to the entertainment and holiday display industries.

Lumyn Immersive Media and Jolt lighting and Extreme lightscapesThe agreement merges Jolt Lighting’s extensive experience in RGB lighting, light control technology design, and world class custom visual design and manufacturing with Lumyn’s sound to light engine – Aurora, powered by Limbic Media. Aurora uses artificial intelligence to control lighting patterns via a proprietary algorithm that takes automated lighting design to new artistic heights. As part of their strategic partnership, the two companies and related entities will work together to introduce Aurora to the entertainment and holiday lighting industries, and to open new sales channels for Jolt Lighting’s unique and creative product lines. Read more