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Jolt Lighting and Lumyn Immersive Media Partner to Bring High Tech Artistry to Night Clubs, Events, Art Installations and Holiday Décor

Dallas, Texas / Grandview, Missouri – Jolt Lighting and Lumyn Immersive Media (Lumyn) announced a strategic partnership today that will introduce new ways of using technology to create an artistic presence like never before to the entertainment and holiday display industries.

Lumyn Immersive Media and Jolt lighting and Extreme lightscapesThe agreement merges Jolt Lighting’s extensive experience in RGB lighting, light control technology design, and world class custom visual design and manufacturing with Lumyn’s sound to light engine – Aurora, powered by Limbic Media. Aurora uses artificial intelligence to control lighting patterns via a proprietary algorithm that takes automated lighting design to new artistic heights. As part of their strategic partnership, the two companies and related entities will work together to introduce Aurora to the entertainment and holiday lighting industries, and to open new sales channels for Jolt Lighting’s unique and creative product lines.

“Lumyn and Jolt Lighting have very similar views on how art and technology should be used together to create immersive environments that challenge the senses – and how even the simplest of projects can, and should, contain some level of artistry and expression to create a valuable experience for the audience.” Says Darren Vader, President and Founder of Lumyn Immersive Media, Extreme Lightscapes, and The Christmas Light Emporium. “The team at Jolt Lighting is ridiculously skilled at both the creation of technology and the creation of art. I am beyond thrilled to see where this partnership takes us.”

Lumyn’s parent company, Extreme Lightscapes, will partner with Jolt Lighting to breathe life into creative projects across multiple industry segments, where Jolt Lighting will function as the creative and manufacturing partner for projects, including art installations, night club and event lighting automation, and large scale commercial holiday displays.

Lumyn sister company, The Christmas Light Emporium, will participate in the newly formed partnership by acting as a retail arm for Jolt Lighting’s artistic take on entertainment and holiday lighting products, including the Light Graphix, Chroma Graphix, Scare Graphix and Christmas/Halloween In-a-Box product lines, among others. The entire line of unique lighting products from Jolt Lighting is available now at

“Lumyn has an absolute passion for pushing its customers and clients to try new things and experiment with lighting and technologies in new ways. I think the Aurora platform is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen in the lighting industry, and I am excited to see what new things we might create with it,” says Jolt Lighting President and Chief Operating Officer Aaron O’Dell. “I am excited to see our unique vision for Christmas lighting and décor products become widely available through The Christmas Light Emporium – just in time for the 2017 Halloween and Christmas decorating seasons! Lumyn and Jolt Lighting have a lot of synergies that will empower both companies to provide new and creative ideas to the marketplaces we serve.”

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About Lumyn Immersive Media |
Lumyn Immersive Media is based in Dallas, Texas and offers design, consulting, rental and sales of immersive lighting experiences, technology based sound and light systems, displays, shows, and art pieces for events throughout the United States.

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About Jolt Lighting |
Jolt Lighting is based in Grandview, Missouri, and takes an innovative approach to custom lighting, priding themselves in having some of the best eye catching, fun, and high-quality lighting displays in the market. Making and selling products to help residential spaces stand out and businesses increase revenue, they have a number of stock products for purchase, as well as create custom pieces that are tailored to unique situations. From conceptualization to execution, tell them a little bit about your vision and let them help you bring it to life.

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