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Extreme Lighscsapes is Now Lumyn Immersive Media

Bringing Interactive Media to Holiday Events

Lumyn LogoDallas, Texas, February 27, 2019 – Extreme Lightscapes announced today that the company has become the Christmas/Holiday division of its existing Lumyn™ Immersive Media (Lumyn™) brand. The change is effective immediately and a full transition is expected to be completed by Spring of 2020. Lumyn™ Immersive Media will remain a business unit (dba) of Extreme Lightscapes, LLC until the transition is completed, but will function as the lead brand for the company beginning immediately.

The change in structure will increase the capabilities of both organizations while providing a more cohesive brand experience for customers.

The Lumyn™ portfolio of companies – including Lumyn™ Immersive Media, Extreme Lightscapes, The Christmas Light Emporium® and other eCommerce brands – now offers the widest array of solutions for event producers of any competing service provider.

“Bringing all of our capabilities under the same umbrella will allow us to provide a less complex, more focused suite of solutions to our clients across all of our commercial brands,” said Lumyn™ President, Darren Vader. “Our focus has always been on the Christmas and holiday lighting and light show markets. Bringing our brands together means that we can offer our clients immersive, interactive experiences, complex lighting event design, consulting and management as well as high value direct import, wholesale and retail product solutions that other providers do not offer.”

As part of the re-organization, the Lumyn™ companies – including a portfolio of eCommerce brands – will become operating units of ‘The Emporiums, Inc.®’ a newly formed holding company. Current brands include Lumyn™ Immersive Media, LumynCloud®, Extreme Lightscapes, The Christmas Light Emporium®, The Halloween Emporium™, SuperSpark®, QuadSpark®, Holly Brand Leatherworks™ and Andrew Caryl Collectibles™.

“We have been designing, consulting and installing technology driven holiday events and designing, manufacturing, importing, wholesaling and retailing related products for a long time. A lot longer than most other companies who focus on technology based Christmas events and products,” Vader said. “We’ve grown our brands in multiple directions over the years. Now is the time to bring them all together. It will create a better experience for our customers and will make it easier for us to manage our continued growth.”

The Emporiums

About Lumyn™ Immerseive Media
Lumyn™ Immersive Media is based in Dallas, Texas and offers design, consulting, rental and sales of immersive lighting experiences, technology based sound and light systems, displays, shows, and art pieces for events throughout the United States. www.lumyn.art

About Extreme Lightscapes (now Lumyn™ Immersive Media Holiday Division)
Extreme Lightscapes provides Commercial Christmas light show and event production for any venue with the desire to go the extra mile. We specialize in designing marketing driven Christmas events and displays for churches and ministry groups, shopping centers and retailers, municipalities and other commercial venues. www.extremelightscapes.com

About The Emporiums, Inc.®
The Emporiums, Inc.® is a family of eCommerce and service brands dedicated to helping our customers create memories. Our flagship brand, The Christmas Light Emporium®, is one of the fastest growing direct importer and manufacturers of Christmas lights, Christmas decor and Christmas light installation accessories in the United States. Other brands include The Halloween Emporium™, Holly Brand Leatherworks™ and Andrew Caryl Collectibles™. www.the-emporiums.co