Meeting Your Requirements and Ours

Prior to each installation we conduct a site survey that is specific to gathering and executing requirements related to items such as electrical requirements, weather impact, structural additions/repairs and visibility adjustments to make sure that the ‘behind the scenes’ components of your new display will be hidden from view.

Prior to each installation we will furnish you with a complete work order detailing the personnel that will be on site and what their roles are, the equipment that will be on-site and why and a list of prerequisites that need to be completed before we arrive for installation.

In Season Maintenance – The Show Must Go On!

Throughout the duration of the holiday season – or the length of your event – Extreme Lightscapes can provide on-site or on call maintenance services to ensure that your investment is operating at peak performance at all times and that in the event of an emergency there is someone on-site and immediately available who is intimately familiar with your display.

Tree Lighting Ceremonies and Event Launches

We can provide you with on-site personnel specific to the supervision of tree lighting /  switch on ceremonies to minimize the possibility of an emergency and to ensure the event is a success.

Refurbishment and Storage

Prior to the beginning of each planning season, the Extreme Lightscapes team can refurbish all of your display components, decorations and lighting – then label and pack them for quick installation when the coming season arrives. There is no better way to safeguard your holiday program investment.

Preserve Your Investment

The investment you make in a Christmas event can be very large. Without proper off season care and maintenance, the lifespan of your display is shortened dramatically. Many times, what is construed as a poor quality display piece is simply a high quality display piece that was not maintained. We find that without an off-season maintenance program in place, many display components only last a couple of seasons. On the other hand, the same pieces when maintained properly from season-to-season can last indefinitely in some cases. That’s why we spend a lot of time talking about off season maintenance – it is the one variable that has the most dramatic effect on the overall ROI of your holiday program.

Out of Sight, Peace of Mind

Our goal is to help make your Christmas event planning and execution as simple as possible. If you don’t think about your holiday display throughout the summer months, then we’ve done our jobs!

On multi-year agreements with Extreme Lightscapes, your display will be carefully dismantled by the same lead team that was assigned to its design and installation – ensuring that the most qualified individuals are responsible for your display components. We will dismantle, pack, refurb and store your display until we are ready to begin planning for the following season.

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