Cesar Millan Christens Extreme Lightscapes “Whisperers of the Lights”

Just when we thought the 2013 Christmas lighting season was coming to a close, Cesar Millan and his partner Jahira called on Extreme Lightscapes to help them build their first Christmas light show at their new home near Los Angeles.

Cesar called as we were finishing up our final installation of the 2014 season in early December explaining that he wanted to do something really special for hsi families big Christmas party that was less than 3 weeks away.

After talking with Jahira about their event planners ideas for a theme, it came to light that the colors chosen for their party were primarily a pure white with blue and red accents. And is just happened that these were the colors we can left in our lighting inventory!

We designed a show, palleted and shipped equipment, installed it on the fly with a crew consisting of XLS founder Darren Vader, Cesar Millan, his brother Eric, his business manager Bob and some help from the guys from the Dog Psychology Center. Cesar and Bob tackled the roof while Darren laid out the lighting and electronics. The display was designed on the fly and finished in 5 days. This was without a doubt the fastest display we have ever designed and installed.

What a great experience. The Millan family and the pack at CMI are fun, genuinely great people and a joy to work with. It was awesome having Junior, Benson and the pack around to keep us all in line too!

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